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Attractive Working and Living Environment

      Taoyuan City Government proactively seeks the optimization of industry and business investment and living environment by utilizing the 4 rivers, 21 farm ponds, and 22 hectares of Smiling Park area located within the Aerotropolis region to project green and blue corridors, making Taoyuan the most comfortable and the greenest living environment that is sustainable. It will also enhance functions and facilities offering services such as medical care, entertainment, schools, shopping, dining, leisure, and sports to attract more residents with talents and skills, thereby laying down a firmer foundation for the city's economic and financial development. Evolution and warmth; balanced progress in both efficiency and human touch; and considerate administrative actions all contribute to the creation of Taoyuan's dazzling vitality. At Taoyuan, happiness does not stop at 100-percent: It is something that continues to grow and improve with the advancement of time. Taoyuan is a city of happiness suitable for both work and living. 

Attractive Working and Living Environment


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