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Industrial Clusters



Taoyuan is the geographical, population and economic centers of northern Taiwan, with a solid economic foundation based on its successful transition from an agricultural to an industrial city. Propelled by the government's economic development projects, a total of 32 industrial zones have been established. Taoyuan's annual industrial output is NT$2.6 trillion. Taoyuan's industrial development began from low-cost manufacturing and OEM in the early days, with a strong focus on electronics, machine tools and textile manufacturing. After automotive and ICT industries become the main drivers of growth, logistics, electric vehicles and cloud computing industries now play increasingly important roles. Guided by innovations of the Aerotropolis and capitalizing on the city's existing resources and advantages, Taoyuan now shifts its economic focus towards industries characterized by low-pollution, low energy, low water consumption and high added value (3 lows & 1 high).

Taoyuan is an outstanding model of industrial transformation. Taoyuan houses a diverse range of industry clusters from food manufacturing, textile, chemical, automotive, logistics, aviation, optoelectronics, biotechnology, renewable energy to healthcare, not to mention that it hosts plants of Taiwan's largest companies and the world's top 100 brands including 3M, Coca-Cola, Dupont and Toyota, generating NT$2.6 trillion.

Thanks to vigorous efforts and success in recent years at attracting high-tech companies, Taoyuan has been able to develop its own high-tech clusters and establish itself as the world's electronic, optoelectronic and semi-conductor hub. In the optoelectronics sector, Taoyuan has AUO, CPT and Hannstar investing approximately NT$700 billion locally and producing more than NT$600 billion of output each year.


Taoyuan Industrial Parks and Zones



Taoyuan Enviornmental Science and Technology Park (“3 Lows & 1 High” Pilot Zone)

      Taoyuan's Environmental Science and Technology Park is located in Tangwei, in the southern part of the Taoyuan Technology Industrial Zone, in Guanyin District. It covers 31 hectares and is the only Environmental Science and Technology Park in northern Taiwan. The park promotes sustainable urban and rural construction, building sustainable communities, green spaces, and industrial parks that exist in harmony with the natural environment. These developments combine lifestyle, manufacturing, and ecological sustainability, as well as the "4R’s" - Reduce, Reuse, Renew, Recycle. In addition, the park aims to achieve a balance between urban and rural economies and sustainable ecological development, creating a living environment where industrial development and ecological conservation can coexist and enjoy mutual benefits.

      As of 2018, 26 businesses have moved into Taoyuan's Environmental Science and Technology Park. Of these, 18 businesses are in operation and the remaining 8 are in the process of planning and construction, which makes Taoyuan's Environmental Science and Technology Park among the most successful of all such parks in Taiwan.


Guishan Industrial Park/Hua Ya Technology Park: Smart Factory Pilot Zone)

      As global climate change and international energy issues grow increasingly urgent, more companies in the IT sector, as well as upstream and downstream in the supply chain, are focused on developing solutions to these problems. Through efficient energy management and recycling, the introduction of intelligent monitoring systems, and increases in energy efficiency, companies can reduce the amount of energy they use while also reduce operating costs. In the future these strategies will be implemented in every industrial park in Taoyuan, establishing a strong foundation on which to build a “smart city.” Currently, these pilot zones serve as models for potential investors who wish to invest in Taoyuan to visit and observe.

Developing New Industrial Parks; Promoting Industrial Restructuring

Shalun Industrial Park Development Plan
  In 2013, the development plan (including a detailed plan) was revised according to the review comments by the task force of the Regional Plan Committee, Ministry of the Interior. Two additional hearings were held before a revised report on the public interest and necessity of land expropriation was completed. It was first submitted to the Ministry for review, and then a development plan was submitted. In 2014, 16 private individuals with ownership rights were surveyed on the purchase price.
Taoyuan Industrial Park Phase II Development
      In order to build on the 5 advantages of Taoyuan Science and Technology Industrial Park's first phase of development, Taoyuan city government is promoting a second phase of development. In 2013, development plans were revised in accordance with inspection and suggestions by the task force under the Ministry of Interior's Regional Planning Committee. After an additional two rounds of public hearings, an amended plan, which looked into the necessity and public interest of land appropriation, was submitted to the Ministry of Interior for review. Permission was obtained from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Economic Affairs to begin development and on-site construction for the industrial park. In 2014, after inviting bids for a third party to verify the purchase price by investigating current market price estimates, a winning bid was accepted.

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