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Subsidies and Incentives

Diverse Incentives forInvestments
To encourage multi-faceted investing, the Taoyuan City Government offers diverse investment incentives and subsidy programs.

Incentive and Subsidy Measure to Promote Industrial Development
The city government subsidizes business headquarters or companies/legal persons that make original investments over USD $1.6 million or additional investment over USD $1 million. Qualifying industries include: international trade and logistics, aviation, cultural creativity, cloud computing, circular economy, biotechnology and medicine, business conventions and exhibitions, and compound leisure or R&D centers.


Incentive and Subsidy Measure to Promote Industrial Development


Local Innovation Research Promotion Program of Taoyuan(Local SBIR)

The Taoyuan City Government promotes technical innovation R&D among local SMEs.SMEs registered as companies or businesses in the city may apply for subsidies for projects containing innovative technological R&D in the fields of electronics and ICT, food and biotech/pharmaceuticals, metal machinery, consumer goods and chemical manufacturers, and innovative services.  



Taoyuan City Subsidy and Incentive Program for Low-Carbon Technology Industries
In order to help introduce low-carbon technology and the development of renewable energy and other low-carbon industries, the Taoyuan City Low-carbon Technology Industry Subsidy and Incentive Program was rolled out under Paragraph 2, Article 26 of the Self-Governance Regulations for Low-Carbon and Green Urban Development in Taoyuan City, targeting areas such as green and smart management of industries, process improvement, high-eciency and energy-saving products and low-carbon technologies, as well as other necessary energy-saving and carbon-reduction projects approved by relevant authority, in order to assist the industry in making breakthroughs in carbon reduction through subsidies, while accelerating green transformation of the industry and expanding the implementation of carbon reduction.


Taoyuan City General Development Fund for Indigenous Groups
To promote the holistic socio-economic development of indigenous groups, indigenous citizens who are capable and between the ages of 20 and 65 may apply for economical industry loans, youth entrepreneurship loans, and indigenous microeconomic activity loans. These loans aim to assist indigenous groups in establishing economic enterprises and improving their finances.


Taoyuan City Green Energy Industry Promotion Loan
To shape Taoyuan as a low-carbon, green city, the municipal government has joined e‑orts with Chang Hwa Bank, Hua Nan Bank, Bank SinoPac, Mega International Commercial Bank, and Taiwan Business Bank to launch the Taoyuan City Green Energy Industry Promotion Loan, which fully supports local industry transformation. Businesses that are registered and located in Taoyuan City are eligible to apply for loans for employing renewable energy equipment, green and smart industry management, production process improvement, and low-carbon technologies.

Taoyuan City Energy Storage Equipment Subsidy Plan
To encourage Taoyuan citizens and major electricity users to extensively install energy storage equipment, build a low-carbon city, improve quality of life, and advance the installation technology and development of energy storage related systems, the Taoyuan City Government allocates funding for subsidies every year. The subsidies are announced at the end of each year (November to December).

Taoyuan City Service Industry Smart Green Vehicle Subsidy Program
To encourage the purchase of electric scooters, businesses and legal persons that are registered in Taoyuan will receive a subsidy for making a single purchase of more than three electric scooters. The goal of this program is to conserve energy, reduce emissions, and improve air quality in Taoyuan.






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