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Subsidies and Incentives

    Taoyuan City Government offers numerous investment incentives and subsidies that help enterprises lower a wide range of costs and attract high-quality businesses to Taoyuan. Examples include the Incentive and Subsidy Measures to Promote Industrial Development in Taoyuan; the Taoyuan Youth Entrepreneurship and SME Credit Guaranteed Financing Loans; the Local Innovative R&D Industrial Development Project of Taoyuan (Local SBIR); and the Cooperative Project for Taoyuan to Develop the Green Energy Industry.

    In order to encourage enterprises to make investments and establish operational headquarters in Taoyuan, the city government subsidizes companies/legal persons or business headquarters that make original investments over NT$50 million or additional investments over NT$30 million. Qualifying industries include international trade and logistics, aviation-related industries, cultural and creative industries, cloud computing, the circular economy, bio-tech and health care, conferences and exhibitions, leisure centers, and research centers. By increasing budgetary scope and subsidizing land value taxes and rents, the city gives enterprises the comprehensive assistance they need to further advance industrial development.

          Incentive and Subsidy Measures to
          Promote Industrial Development in Taoyuan

Incentive and subsidy measures to promote industrial development

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