Attractive Working and Living Environment

Attractive Working and Living Environment
     In conjunction with the central government’s Asia · Silicon Valley Development Plan, Taoyuan is using its ICT industrial advantages and technological abilities to promote a smart city flagship project. To consolidate ICT capacity, in 2018 Taoyuan established the municipal-level Department of Information Technology. Taoyuan was named for the third time as one of the Intelligent Community Forum's Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the Year and won awards for its Citizen Card, smart schools, digital academies, smart disaster prevention, and a smart water status application.
Building a Smart City

Smart Industry
     Initiatives to encourage smarter industries include promoting online to offline smart operational models and building logistics information exchange mechanisms. Smart agricultural production, marketing, and digital service mechanisms add further value to commercial models. Additional guidance and incentives aid industrial upgrades and raise competitiveness.
Smart Lifestyles
     Mobile orders and payments as well as electronic payments are improving the commercial environment. There are already 1.64 million Taoyuan Citizen Cards and Mobile Citizen Cards in circulation. At the same time, Taoyuan is building smart schools and maker educational environments that support robotics, artificial intelligence and programming language learning. Hot spot, hot zone and wireless internet initiatives include the installation of WiFi hot spots. Users can access iTaoyuan for free internet service on public transit and in tourist sites and other public spaces.
Smart Administration
     Using new apps and technology, Taoyuan City Government quickly gathers information and uncovers potential problems. For example, a water status app shows real-time data on river water levels and issues disaster alert warnings. The city’s Environmental Pollution Monitoring Center uses IoT devices to report public health hazards and uncovers pollution sources with smart environmental monitoring systems and Big Data analysis. The Taoyuan Fire Department uses a cloud-based 119 smart mobile dispatch system that informs firefighters of the area surrounding a disaster site before they arrive, providing an extra safeguard to rescuers. A cloud-based sewer management system has significantly reduced sewer management fees.

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