Investor Service Center

Everyone is a VIP.  Your Best Partner throughout the Full Development Cycle

1Dedicated Service through an Investor Service Center

        Taoyuan's Investor Service Center was established in July 2010, long before the central government had the vision to do so. It features a single point of contact where dedicated officers are assigned to assist investors on every aspect from legal/administrative consultation to eliminating investment obstacles.

2Full Support for Business Development

     Taoyuan Government holds regular "investment reporting meetings" to understand and discuss whatever difficulties investors may have. For complicated cases that involve different jurisdictions, the government would also coordinate other departments in the hope of resolving obstacles in the most efficient manner.

3Thoughtful Service and Recognized Achievements

      Taoyuan was ranked 2nd by the MOEA in attracting investors among the 6municipalities in both 2013 and 2015, attesting to Taoyuan City Government's tireless dedication in this regard in recent years. Some of the major investment projects it had recently closed included: 2012 High-speed Rail Center by Cathay Life Insurance and Gloria Hotel Group, Costco's Nankan branch and Guanyin logistics center, Merck's Taoyuan warehousing center, Carrefour's major shopping center in Pinzhen, and Kintetsu World Express' logistics center at Farglory Free Trade Zone. These projects have contributed significantly to Taoyuan's lifestyles and economy.

Joint Investor Attraction by TYCG Department of Economic Development, Taoyuan Aerotropolis Corporation, and Taoyuan City Industrial Commercial Development & Investment Promotion Committee

      TYCG Department of Economic Development takes responsibility for overall industry planning and investor attraction policies for the Aerotropolis, serves as the contact window and platform for communicating and cooperating with the central government, offers consultation on applicable laws and regulations when investment projects formally enter administrative procedures, and assists in eliminating investment obstacles.

      Taoyuan Aerotropolis Corporation is responsible for marketing and soliciting investors for the Aerotropolis, including investor marketing, campaigns and promotion.

      Taoyuan City Industrial Commercial Development & Investment Promotion Committee is the first-line contact for businesses, helping, for example, to relay their comments and provide assistance and guidance.

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