Key Growth Industries

Taoyuan's 10 Most Competitive Industries

         Smart HealthcareSmart Healthcare
            As one of Taiwan's leading international healthcare providers, Taoyuan combines smart hospitals, smart care and smart health
         to offer smart healthcare with high management quality and efficiency.

            Grape King Bio, Ko Da Pharmaceutical, ShareHope Medicine and other well-known biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms
          invested in production sites in Taoyuan. The industry has a high production capacity.

         IoTInternet of Things (IoT)
            As a demo site of the Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan, Qingpu special zone will combine soft and hard industries to turn
         Taoyuan into an innovation center capable of building an IoT eco-industrial chain.

         Logistics and WarehousingLogistics and Warehousing
            In order to promote e-commerce and the modern warehouses needed to improve the logistics industry, in 2015 Taoyuan
         established the Alliance of Taiwan Logistics. The alliance already has more than 280 members. Companies that have invested
         in logistics centers in Taoyuan include Qingzhou, Evergreen Group, Fubon Media, and Cathay Life Insurance.

            Taoyuan is home to the headquarters of China Airlines and Eva Air, as well as the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and
         Technology. A multitude of aerospace components suppliers further strengthen the city's aerospace development competitiveness.

         MICEMeetings, Incentives,Conferencing, Exhibitions (MICE)
            Taoyuan Convention and Exhibition Center located next to the A19 station of the Airport MRT will strengthen Taoyuan's
          industries and promote development of surrounding areas.

         Smart TextilesSmart Textiles
            Taiwan's leading textiles hub will integrate sensor and cloud technology to build a smart textiles industry. Major related
         companies with factories in Taoyuan include Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. and GFun Industrial Corporation.

         Electric VehiclesElectric Vehicles
            For automobile components, Taoyuan leads the nation in terms of the quantity of manufacturers and industrial output
         value. It also has Taiwan's highest ratio of electric scooters.

         Green EnergyGreen Energy
            The Taoyuan Environmental Science & Technology Park, which promoted solar photovoltaic systems by becoming
         Taiwan's first industrial park to add solar cells to all its roofs, is helping turn Taoyuan into a low-carbon, green energy city.

         New VenturesNew Ventures
            Plans to turn Taoyuan into an innovation and entrepreneurial base for Asia-Pacific youths include the TYC Venture Base,
         the Hsinming Youth Hub, and the Andong Youth Start-Up Hub.


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