Public Utilities

     To develop a livable, sustainable city, Taoyuan promotes low-pollution transit tools, solar and wind power systems, and other green energy industries. The Green Energy Promotion Office was established in 2018 to actively implement the green energy policy and develop solar power, wind power, and other renewable energy.
     Taoyuan City Government encourages renewable energy facilities with contract capacity reaching 5,000 kW and above, and with a total of 23 enterprises installed facilities with a total installed capacity reaching 32.3 MW in 2019. Solar power systems have been installed in the 129 public buildings throughout the city with total installed capacity reaching 14.08 MW. In the future, fragmented and small rooftops will be integrated to achieve all green rooftops. Known as the hometown with a thousand ponds, Taoyuan also developed 8 photoelectric ponds with an installed capacity of 26.9 MW. Taoyuan currently has 57 large wind turbines along its coast. In coordination with the central government's promotion of offshore wind power, Taoyuan was allocated a capacity of 350 MW, and grid connection will be completed in 2022.
     In conjunction with the Water Resources Agency(Ministry of Economic Affairs), Taoyuan launched a smart monitoring system for sewers and smart water meters, which reduces water use and improves management of water resources. Taoyuan also completed the Zhongzhuang Dam and Zhongzhuang Reservoir in 2017 to strengthen its water supply ability, providing a backup water source for Taoyuan when the reservoir has high turbidity or during an emergency. After the Banxin Area Water Supply Project Phase Two Construction is completed in 2019, it will improve cross-region dispensation in Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Taoyuan. Furthermore, the Desilting Tunnel Project of Shihmen Reservoir will extend the service life of Shihmen Reservoir and improve flood control safety. Moreover, Taoyuan will construct a water recycling facility with daily output of 112 thousand tons at Northern Taoyuan Water Recycle Center in three phases to supply high quality water to industrial parks and zones.


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