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  • 桃園投資通
  • 年度招商成果

Investment Features

As the gate of Taiwan, Taoyuan City encloses Taoyuan International Airport, enabling passengers to reach major cities in Asia-Pacific within an average of three hours. With its location advantages, it is the center of gravity of international logistics that connects the world.
  • Key Hub in Asia-Pacific
  • Convenience in Transport Network
  • A Showcase of International Marketing
  • Innovative Talent Cultivation
  • Distribution of Industrial Parks

Investment Advantages

Taoyuan City has accelerated the development of 7+2 industrial parks in response to the trade competition between China and the United States, helping homecoming manufacturers stay in Taiwan. It also assists enterprises with “5 shortages” with an one-stop investment service. It is the first choice for corporate investment. Among the Three Major Investment Plans in Taiwan, the total investment in Taoyuan in 2022 exceeds  US$12.1 billion, ranking first in Taiwan. The city has unlimited potential for development.